Work-life balance and getting your head around healthy routine.

1. Work-life balance, how to find it.

As much as we believe in being a physically present team, there are also needs outside of the office that should be catered to strike a healthy work life balance. When we are happy in our personal lives at home, we are happy at work. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we embrace work-life balance has forever changed and, hopefully, for good.

You know the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Connection and relationships are integral to our well-being. No one thrives at a work life balance by being a workaholic. 

Those with children, need time with their children. Those with elderly parents need to be available to care for them. Those with commitments in their communities need not feel guilty about setting aside time to give back. 

One of the beautiful things about the digital economy is empowering a flexible work life balance between time at the office and working from home. You see, it’s both. People are needed at the office, but it should be understood you are required at home too.

time with family is important
Time with family is important.

2. An office provides a healthy routine.

Working from an office assists with the daily routine, a building block for a good work-life balance. Clocking in and out is consistent with little interruption to the day. There’s a start and finish, all the tools are at the office, and there is motivation from peer pressure of work colleagues. 

Relationships are forged even if they can sometimes be rough around the edges. A laser-like focus comes from being at the office. When you leave, your focus can be diverted to other important areas.

Being locked up inside all day, perhaps not changing out of pyjamas, can cause an unhealthy rut. Bad habits may develop, and it is possible, being in a non-working environment, that quality of work may slide.

happiness at work is important
Happiness at work is important.

3. Embrace new habits.

Habits and comforts you may have developed at home to cope with work pressures can be brought into the office when you get back to work. 

Favourite snacks and drinks, things to read or inspiring music don’t have to be left at the office door. But being back at the office also means you are less likely to let those comforts become addictions – so it’s a win-win!

Waking up early, being well-groomed and preparing for the day ahead keep the mind and body in sync. Being moved out of a comfort zone is healthy for development in any career. 

new habits for a new work-life balance
New habits for a new work-life balance.

4. Mastering a good work life balance helps a career flourish.

Proper mentorship and career growth take place at the office. Something we strive for here at RocketNet. This is especially important for younger employees who really benefit from training on the job. Learning from more experienced peers, gleaming some good business traits from the ‘boss’ or learning new skills from those in a different department will only help to grow and achieve more in work and life.

Here are some additional tips that have helped me in my career:

1. Don’t procrastinate

Leaving things to the last minute doesn’t mean working well under pressure; it means putting off work.

don;t procrastinate
Don’t procrastinate.

2. Give yourself time

Allow time to get to work, set up, and get your mind right for the day ahead. Spend some time reading up on your industry before the clock strikes 8.

3. Social media is a trap.

After being online at home at your leisure, this is a habit that may be hard to kick when in the office. Make sure to use social media only during break times; otherwise, it can be distracting to your work, and performance may dip.

We thought this quote quite apt for finding your feet for a new work-life balance at the office:

“If you put your heart, mind and soul into your work, success will find you wherever you are”. 

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