Fibre network operators (FNO) verse internet service providers (ISP)

Fibre network operators verse internet service providers

There are sometimes misunderstandings between what a fibre network operator does and what an internet service provider (like us) does. Who is responsible for what when it comes to bringing you a rocket-fuelled internet service experience?

Let us explain, to put you in the picture.

Fibre network operators and their role

Fibre network operators are like wholesalers of fibre internet. They make the internet available by laying fibre cables in the ground and specialise in ICT infrastructure rather than working directly with customers. FNO’s sell fibre internet onto internet service providers.

Sometimes an FNO tries to approach customers like you directly. The trouble with this approach is that it can come at the cost of customer service and, if you don’t get what you paid for, well, there’s limited recourse. This is because they own the cable in your area and have limited your choice in terms of an internet service provider because they supply you directly.

You should have a range of different ISP’s to choose from

Having multiple internet service providers competing with each other for your business keeps service delivery and pricing on a level playing field because you have plenty of choice. Also, the ISP is not so focused on the infrastructure but more on a customized fibre internet experience that suits your needs. In this way you benefit the most. One FNO can distribute through 20 ISPs that are all competing for your attention. Only the best internet service experience at the most competitive price will keep you loyal. That is why you should deal with an independent fibre internet service provider.

Fibre network operators and what they do
The FNO supplies multiple ISPs giving you greater choice

What do we mean by an independent internet service provider?

Glad you asked. What we mean by independent is that we are not owned by an FNO. We exist purely for you, the customer. ISPs are those who keep the balance and hold the FNO to account so that prices are kept as low as possible and service standards are maintained at the highest possible level.

So, our advice is – choose an independent ISP, and stick with them as long as they provide you the best service.

The role of an internet service provider

Here’s what we, internet service providers do. When you start searching for fibre internet product options, on a website like ours, you will see different fibre internet packages available from different fibre network operators like Vumatel, Openserve, Metrofibre, Frogfoot and the list goes on. You then select the fibre network operator that has connected fibre internet to your home. We then deliver on that purchase in a way that creates a great fibre internet experience at a competitive price.

With the internet service you purchased from us you are able to do Zoom calls, stream your favourite Netflix shows, send large-sized photos to friends and family and watch some sport on Showmax, without any interruptions. As the internet service provider, we provide you with the service of high speed fibre internet and look after you, by making sure you are having the best internet experience possible.

Internet service providers in south africa provide internet services to your home
ISPs (like us) provide you with fibre internet services in your home

Quick sales pitch

A value here at RocketNet is that we fundamentally believe in providing our customers with a great fibre internet experience. Being an internet service provider in South Africa is our passion and not a means to an end. That is why we have never supplied shaped or capped internet and have also never practiced the much frowned upon, throttling of internet. If you are not having a great experience, then we are here to turn those poor experiences into great ones.


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